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Being a National Demonstration Project (NDP) has afforded us a privileged position around project financing. There is usually only one NDP in a particular field, in effect making it the proffered target for support. This was one of the principle reasons that we were able to attract donor funding from the Danish Government through their Danish Development Agency, Danida.

In turn, Danida made its funding conditional on government participation, which enabled us to solicit the support of the Central Energy Fund and the Development Bank of South Africa.


Government's related white paper has stated that it wants to generate 10,000 GWh from renewable energy sources by 2012, which is equavalent to one 1,200 MW power station. Within the next decade, close to 70% of the country's renewable energy will need to come from wind, yet wind energy is currently low on government's list of priorities. It is an unacceptable situation, particularly if one considers that the technology is so entrenched world wide.

Germany, for example, has 18,000 wind turbines and an installeed capacity of 20,000 MW - that's more than half of South Africa's total installed coal and nuclear capacity. Considering South Africa's wind energy potential and the associated social, environmental and economic benefits, one cannot help being confused!